Richard Forest(non-registered)
Amazing photos,
Thank you for sharing them.
Mike Szelewicki(non-registered)
Goerge, excellent website!!
I particularly like the new Bird's of Prey section that you added...never seen anything like that before. Also, a good laugh for the photo of you holding up the moon in the sky above the horizon.

Such great patience and attention to detail in the image processing to produce so many stricking astro images of nebula's, galaxies, comets, etc. The Helix Nebula from Dec 2013 in NM is till my favourite - absolutely stunning!! Keep them coming!
Cindy Boudreau(non-registered)
Your pictures are Fantastic !!! Absolutely love them :)
Bill Thorburn(non-registered)
Love the photos George good job!!
Darren Amberson(non-registered)
Nice shots! I hope to learn to get pictures as wonderful as these!
Kim Cavanaugh(non-registered)
Terry Cavanaugh(non-registered)
Super beautiful........
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